Necessity is the Mother of invention and the story of Dark Star is further proof of that. In 2009 Hunter Thomas was trying to come up with a gourmet chicken wing sauce for his restaurant Padrino. After several interesting attempts Hunter decided to go with a nice clean sauce that had fresh hot pepper flavor. A Sriracha style sauce. Hunter’s first attempt had so much balsamic vinegar in it, the sauce looked nothing like a traditional Sriracha. As the Grateful Dead played over the speakers in the restaurant kitchen Hunters brother joked, “you can call it Dark Star” and the name stuck! 

Fun Fact: Hunter wanted to name the Ghost pepper sauce “Death Star” but knowing how protective Lucusfilms and Disney are with the Star Wars brand, Hunter decided not to get his pants sued off. 

Based in Milford Ohio Dark Star uses as many local resources as possible. Produce, vinegar, local mustards, packing supplies etc.

"I love using the sriracha specifically because it adds heat and sweetness with just a hint of vinegar, as opposed to other hot sauces that have mainly vinegar."
Chef Paul Barraco - 20 Brix
"The sriracha was originally made to just be our wing sauce, but over time people wanted to use it on pizza and everything else. The Sweet Thai takes a pineapple bacon pizza to a whole new level!"
Court Thomas - Padrino